Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker Gun Review

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker is perfect for beginners who would like to eventually upgrade their markers. This paint ball gun is well built, reliable and very durable. For $154, a player can get the entire set that comes with marker, 20 ounce carbon dioxide tank with pin valve, black harness, six clear heavy duty paintball tubes, cup oil and squeegee for cleaning.


The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker is a blowback mechanical gun that is built with an all-metal design making it very sturdy. It has a rear pistol grip and front fore grip which makes it comfortable to use even for long hours of paintball.

It has a hinged elbow that can be easily taken out so that users can clean the chamber for broken paintballs hassle-free. The feed neck can be tightly secured with the hopper using an Allen wrench.

This marker also comes with the usual air source adapter or ASA (the threaded adapter which screws the air tank to the marker). This gun can be used with compressed air or carbon dioxide.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker however is heavier compared to other beginners to intermediate marker like Tippman Gryphon paintball gun because of its sturdy and all metal design.


This marker is popular for its reliability as it’s very sturdy and can be used even after accidentally being slammed against trees or even after it was dropped.

The trigger pull does not require long or hard force, but neither does it boast of the feather-pull feature.
This marker has an in-line bolt design that has more recoil compared to other markers. This, however, can be advantageous as it agitates the loader and players will no longer need to upgrade to a motorized hopper. But, the strong recoil somehow affects the accuracy of the second or third shot.

The gun is not as fast compared to most intermediate paintball marker, but is fast enough for a beginner marker. This marker can shoot roughly six to eight balls per second.

Ease of Use

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker however is heavier compared to other beginners to intermediate marker because of its sturdy and all metal design.

It has the sling mount end cap allowing players to attach different kinds of sling styles.

This marker has an anti-chop system lessening the likelihood of breaking the balls. The 98 Custom also offers Tippmann’s anti-chop system to reduce chopped balls and cleaning of the chamber is very easy because of its hinged elbow.


This marker is very popular because it is easily upgradeable and beginners who want to have more upgraded features can easily do so with this model. It boasts of a split receiver design which provides easy access to internal parts for a hassle free installation of upgrades or modification.

Upgrades to this unit are easily accessible and usually easy to install.


The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker can last for years given its all metal design. It is very durable, and comes with the manufacturer’s standard two-year warranty.

User Reviews

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker has received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars among Amazon buyers. Almost 75 percent of those who have bought the gun have given the product a rating of 5 stars. Most of the buyers are extremely pleased with the marker, as well as the entire set complimenting that set has everything they need.
There are some buyers who however complained about the mask that came with the set saying that it either does not fit well or that the lens scratch easily.

“One of the most reliable markers on the market. These things take water, dust, mud, paint, and abuse like it’s no big thing. When properly maintained they can last for a decade. They are easy to clean, lube, and upgrade.”– —Amazon buyer comment

“Great quality gun that got to me on time mask is good enough for a starters kit but eventually need to upgrade. This gun is simple to up grade. Best decision I I made to buy.” —Amazon buyer comment

“Love this gun. Will be upgraded barrel and trigger but overall a solid purchase. Easy to clean and maintain. Great for a beginner gun or casual player.” —Amazon buyer comment

“Excellent set – comes with every piece of hardware needed. If purchasing for a surprise, I suggest taking the tank to be filled prior to wrapping the present and stock up on paintballs. This way recipient can play right away!”—Amazon buyer comment


• Highly customizable marker
• Upgrades to the marker are easily available
• Installation of upgrades is easy
• The marker’s body is made from all metal making it very durable
• Reliable and fast enough for a beginner’s marker
• The set is complete and players can play immediately—no more additional purchase
• Marker can work with carbon dioxide or compressed gas
• Two-year manufacturer’s warranty


• Some users complained that the upgrades can be very pricey
• A bit heavier compared to other entry-level markers


If you are a new paintball player who wants to invest in your own equipment and would like to upgrade in the future, then the The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum marker is for you. This marker is considered as one of the best entry-level marker plus it is fully customizable.
The product is also durable given its all metal body make and can last for how many years.