JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker Gun Review

The JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker was designed to look like the guns the US Army uses. It has a sight rail, an adjustable stock, a barrel shroud with front sight and a magazine that can be removed. This paintball gun marker is perfect for rugged woodsball play. The entire set is composed of the marker, goggles, loader and a 90 gram carbon dioxide tank and 50 paintballs.

Design and Built

This marker is a.68 caliber semi-automatic marker that is made from aluminum. It can run on both compressed air and carbon dioxide.

It is also designed with a multi-position adjustable stock which can be adjusted in four different ways.


This marker is perfect for woodsball as it boasts of a high speed performance– a maximum of 380 feet per second. Plus, the unit can shoot 12 to 20 balls per second.

Players should be prepared for a strong kick after firing the gun as it shoots very hard like what some Amazon users have commented “let me start by saying THIS FREAKEN SHOOTS HARD great gun but its heavy BUY THIS PRODUCT !!”—Amazon buyer comment.

“This gun does shoot hard it is kinda heavy but I’m used to shooting real guns so it’s not a problem I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a semi cheap paintball gun,”—Amazon buyer comment
“Be careful though, as the unit can be very loud when firing “If you’re trying to hide and fire one shot you’re done,” – Amazon user comment

Ease of Use

This unit has a raised sight rail for better aim. This marker is heavy at 11 pound given its all aluminum construction and players may have difficulties playing extended hours. But the unit has a carry handle for easy carrying.

No assembly is needed after receipt of the item—only the barrel needed to be attached. But, users will need to buy a refillable oxygen tank since the 90 gram carbon dioxide tank that came with the set is disposable and not refillable.


This marker is very durable especially since it is constructed from aluminum. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.


There are upgrades available for the JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker.

User Reviews

The JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker has received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from Amazon buyers reviews. 60 percent of the buyers have given it a rating of 5 stars, complimenting the marker’s durability, authentic looking gun design and performance.

“Great gun, durable, low cost, good package deal, realistic feel to it, shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger.”—Amazon buyer comment

“This is a really good paintball gun expecislly if you are a starter. The only downside of it is that it’s kind of heavy, but out of that it’s an amazing gun even the mask is great.” —Amazon buyer comment

“Rifle is accurate and easy to assemble and use. Comes with all parts and safety required. try it you’ll like it.” —Amazon buyer comment


• Looks like an army’s gun
• Durable with its aluminum construction
• Accurate and fast shooting
• Multi-position stock
• Lifetime warranty
• Upgrades are available


• The set comes with a disposable carbon dioxide tank
• Can be very heavy as unit almost weighs 11 pounds
• Fires loudly


The JT Sports Tactical RTP Paintball Marker is highly recommended for those who want an authentic looking paintball marker that is also durable and performs well. Players who are looking at a simple yet good performing woodsball marker should seriously consider this unit. Players who wish to purchase this item should be prepared to carry around a rather heavy marker when they buy this product.